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The 100 Society

The 100 Society - Carla Spradbery I haven't read a thriller in a long time, but I'm glad I did!

What a book, from Graffiti to deaths, this was dramatic!

Grace and her friends are determined to tag every spot that the 100 society has listed. Then when they start seeing the secret exposed, threatening text messages, and mysterious coincidences, they realize it's too late. With each on of them being targeted, they must find a way to stop the criminal before everyone get's hurt.

So, my thoughts on this book,

The Plot
I loved the 100 society. It was a great concept that was included!
The text messages creeped me out a little but it just added to the thrill
I was disgusted by Daniel's death.
The art picture thingy was just so cool!

The Characters
I have to say Trick was my least favourite character. I just didn't like him.
My favourite character was Faith as she is there for everyone.

The story
All in all, an amazing story!


The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini I have to say this was just an amazing book! It was heartbreaking and wonderful. I don't think any book has made me use as many tissues as I did.

The book begins with two boys, Hassan, and Amir, who are the closest friends ever. Hassan a 'Haraza' is his servant Yet, they are as close as brothers. Amir reads stories to him, plays with him and just has the most fun with his friend.

Soon winter arrives and the annual Kite Challenge is held. Amir, trying to make his father proud, is determined to win. So, with the help of his loyal friend, Hassan, they prepare for the tournament. Putting in all his effort, Amir and Hassan win! But, something happens to Hassan that Amir can never forgive himself for. Something that breaks their friendship. Something that lives on.

Soon, Amir and his father leave the war-torn country, Afghanistan, and begin a new life in America. However, Amir is pulled back to his homeland in order to do something very important.

So, My thoughts on the book...

Firstly, the storyline really touched me. It showed me how cruel people can be, at any age, and how merciless people are. There are bullies in the world and some innocent people in the world. It also showed me how a friendship can grow. I loved the parts where Amir would read Hassan stories. The way Hasan would ask questions. The way they would read each other's minds. I loved Amir's thirst for words.

I hated the way would Amir would tease Hassan. Hassan was my favourite character and I was devastated when he died. It left a few tears in my eyes. Hasan was so loyal and kind. But, I guess that was something about Amir that was portrayed throughout the book: he hated himself for not being perfect. I hated Amir's cowardliness but that's what makes a character a character.

The Kite Challenge was just an amazing idea that I loved about the book. Obviously, what happened afterwards left me heart-broken but you know...

Baba's death was one of the saddest but I kind of knew it was coming. Baba was a good character. I liked his way of thinking though obviously he was had many flaws with his theories. He lied to his son ,sorry sons, his whole life(talking about Amir and Hassan here). I wish he has told them himself.

Then there was Rahim Khan who was like a father to Amir. I liked his way of thinking too: his kindness, his understanding, his generosity. He made everything amazing.

All in all the book was great and made me cry at points. I would definitely recommend to everyone!

'For you, A thousand times over.'

Who Could That Be At This Hour?

Who Could That Be At This Hour?  - Lemony Snicket I picked this book up at my local library, after noticing it was written by Lemony Snicket, the author of the oh-so-fabulous series - the series of unfortunate events. Now don't get me wrong, I adored these books. They were just so beautifully written and the plots in each one were just amazing. So with high expectations, I began to read the book.

The story was okay. It was simply written which was something that appealed to me. I have to admit, the story was a bit far-fetched and well just not interesting. Characters were introduced at each point but they were all so mysterious and annoying. It was pretty annoying how no-one ever got answers just weird replies like 'We'll see'. The only straightforward person was Moxie who was a pretty awesome character. I don't mean that every character should be so straightforward as Moxie because I love a bit of suspense but some characters were just over the top. A bit like the story in fact.

So Lemony goes on a mystery which was plainly written. I'm not saying I didn't like the style, I actually loved it but the story not so great.

All in all, it was an okay book but could have been way better.

Silence is Goldfish

Silence is Goldfish - Annabel Pitcher I enjoyed this book and flew through it. It wasn't a confusing, complex storyline but one that made you feel sad but also made you laugh. I picked up this book after it was recommended to me and I think it's fair to say it was a rollercoaster ride.

So, we have this girl called Tess who finds out her dad is not her dad. But that's not the worst part, she finds out her dad loathes her (through a blog). She then begins to or should I say stop talking to anyone but Mr Goldfish (a torch who can talk to Tess telepathically) and then she finds out that her best friend Isabell has no interest in her whatsoever after her unexpected silence and that her worst enemy who bullies her, Anna, may have a soft spot for her.

She also believes that her new teacher, Mr Richardson, is her real dad and goes to all lengths, from stealing his driving licence to sneaking to his house, to prove to herself that he is. In the end, we find out Mr Richardosn is a nasty, rude liar and not at all Tess' dad.

She also begins to get bullied (even more than before) by the whole school. There is a rumor going round that #sheisahe and that Tess stopped talking because she had developed a deep voice and didn't want her secret to get out.

So Tess's world turn upside down and the only person who can help this little pluto is her Goldfish Torch who 'shines' the light and shows Tess the truth and the lies.

So they all live happily ever after. Jack did write that blog about how he loathed her when she was born but explains that he had grown to love her as her Dad and was sorry.

So, what are my thoughts on this book?
Firstly, I had a few problems...
She never finds her real dad...
The bullying problem is never solved and...
Who becomes their new teacher?....

But, the aspects such as...
The character's personalities
The plot
The Goldfish Torch
The happily ever after

did make up for the questions circling my brain after having coming off the rollercoaster and they were a great addition to the story!

All in all, the book was good and not too lengthy. She does break her silence in the end and is no longer Pluto- all alone.

Itch Rocks

Itch Rocks - Simon Mayo This book was great,actioned packed and full of baddies. Itch goes on yet another dangerous mission and this is is all the more exciting. With so many characters introduced and ideas brought in, I knew that the book would be even better than the last(which I really enjoyed!)

The plot is simple: Make sure the location of element 126 is not revealed. However, this is not as easy as it seems. Itch is told that he was saved by his Dad! Then he realizes Jack and Watkins knowing about where he hid the rocks(which was a bit annoying really!) Now that more people know the secret, the harder it is too keep it.

Itch becomes interested in a collection of elements collected by Mary's Dad. Itch tells Mary about the radioactive rock and gives a few hints away. Lucy stamps on Jack's hand during a sporty match and soon enough Lucy get's hurt whilst cycling on the way to school by a unknown figure and the mystery deepens!

Mary is Shivvi. I din't see that one coming! Shivvi kidnaps Itch and Jack and the are forced tp give the location of the rocks. Flowerdew also founds out and the competition begins.

With Shivvi dead and Flowerdew rich with money from the rocks Itch next adventure is getting them back....

The Cloud Hunters

The Cloud Hunters - Alex Shearer I picked up this book,read the blurb, read the author's name and began to read.

It started off as a slow story. He wants to be a cloud hunter. Then, new ideas are introduced like scary monsters which are so dangerous everyone has to stay inside. I liked the idea of the book. Everything was based on air. It was like this world but all in the sky. There were sky-fish and you could air swim. Water was rare and cloud hunters collected them. Island floated in the sky. It was hard to imagine but I really liked the idea.

The cloud hunters tradition of getting scars down their faces was something new and mysterious about the world. Though I didn't want Christian to get them or anyone else, they were a great addition to the story. The part about how they slit their scars made me think of the Cloud-Hunters as cruel but I knew it was just tradition. Just like many others.

I couldn't wait for Chris' adventures of Cloud-Hunting to begin. When He finally persuades Jenine, his friend, to let him come, I was wondering how it would all go? At first, I thought his mum would never let him go but...

His first journey was great to read about. Though it was short we learn more about the characters and Cloud-Hunting. The race to get the clouds was great and I never thought there would be a second journey...

The second voyage was by far the best thing in the book. The apprehensiveness created and the escape was all so thrilling. Defeating the BARBAROONS, and escaping narrowly was the first part where the book began to get interesting. Then the plan to rescue Jenine's father was my favourite.

My favourite character was Jenine. She was an interesting Character and made the story even better than I thought'd it had been. All in all, the book was great and I think I'll enjoy the series!


Itch: The Explosive Adventures of an Element Hunter

Itch: The Explosive Adventures of an Element Hunter - Simon Mayo This book was one of the most amazing books I have ever read. Seriously! I loved the idea of Itch being an element hunter. I always love collections and experiments and Itch's hype about the periodic table seemed to interest me. He is so passionate about science which is by far something I love about the book.It's great when a character has a hobby that links in with the story well.

It started off pretty dull. Normal school boy, bullied,extra tall and no eyebrows. But as the mysteries about Cake began and the puzzle of the rock was fussed over, I began to think the book wasn't so bad after all.

It all started with Flowerdew testing the rock. Then there was an unexpected result. Flowerdew stole the rock an Itch and Jack sneakily stole it back. This is when the action begins.

Cake Dies. Cake Dies. Cake Dies. Cake Dies. Cake Dies. Cake Dies. Cake Dies. Cake Dies. Cake Dies.

All because of element 126! Itch now has to make sure he doesn't fail Cake and has to get rid of the rocks but where? No where is safe.

The next part of this book is all about where he hides it, how he does it, how he comes up with the idea. It was all really fascinating. I thought that this was the end but looks like I've got two more books heading my way! I hope I enjoy them.

The Killables

The Killables - Gemma Malley This Book was actually pretty decent. I mean, when I picked it up I didn't really have high hopes but turns out the story line and the characters and the plots and mysteries were all so gripping. I had seen someone reading this book before and thought: why not try it? Turns out, I was in for a whole lot more than I expected.

Starting off, with an unkind mother and strange dreams, I was beginning to think that this book could turn out pretty good. And then, as the book wore on so many questions were answered. Lucas wasn't a machine: WOW! Shock and a half. I do think the escape was a bit rushed but in all, it was a great plot. I loved how Malley planted so many mysteries in your head so that you would carry on reading, searching for an answer. I almost felt as if I were Evie.

My first impressions of the City were not great(turn out, I'm right). I don't get how anyone could be that good and Evie's determination to be good kinda annoyed me. I was suspicious about the City because they just seem so evil. I loved the ideas of Labelling(reminded me of another great book!)

The last part seemed all too easy. The way Linus somehow persuaded everyone he was right and that the Police guards didn't shoot? I mean is that even possible? The City was defeated so easily even though they had found out about Lucas??

All in all, a great story and can't wait to read the rest of the story!!

Pick Your Poison

Pick Your Poison - Lauren Child WOW.WOW.WOW. Having just read, Feel your Fear, a feeling preetttty disapointed with it, I wasn't expecting much from this book. I underestimated it but it was amazing. Loved the plot twists along the way- Hope the last book will be even better :) LB KILLED BRADLEY BAKER! WHAT?

Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire - Derek Landy HMMMM- IT WAS GOOD: BETTER THAN THE LAST. Okay, so it wasn't amazing. I mean I've seen better. Maybe it's because I have such high expectations for the book, or it's written so simply. It kind of annoys me how EASY it is to read. I like books like that but this is just too easy. I keep on hoping that the books are going to get better but the chances are not high. I've got to give the book some credit because I managed to get through it without skipping passages or feeling bored. In my opinion, there was just tooo much action for my likings. There was no calm moments where Valkyrie(Stephanie) was just at ease and thinking. Okay, so there was the occasional moments, like at the family reunion, when there wasn't much action but even that soon turned into a total disaster. Also, the mysteries are so predictable. I kinda already guesses that Valkyrie was needed for reasons other that getting through to Skulduggery. The plot was obvious and simple but good in general, I guess.

Skulduggery Pleasant

Skulduggery Pleasant  - Derek Landy The front cover looked exciting. The name'Skulduggery Pleasant' appealed to me. The Blurb, well... it was....... short. This book was a good read and pretty short(like the blurb). Not much happened but it was a good introduction to an 8/9 book series and It wasn't exactly boring.

I began to read and found out about some characters and life- which are pretty normal. I was getting into it. as soon as Skulduggery stepped in I was gripping on to the book. I thought he was the bad guy, but turns out he's good and a detective. As soon as the action began, I was actually interested in reading the next book. I think it was a bit rushed at the end but the conversations and the characters were unique and made the book twice as better as I thought it would be.

Some things I liked about the book:
China- I don't know why, even though she's really rude, I find her character interesting. But I actually HATE her. The thing I really like was how he controlled Stephanie using JUST her name???? How crazy is that?
Stephanie's new name: Valkyrie Cain.
The action and mystery of the death of her Uncle.
It was just generally a good book and I enjoyed it.



Ender's Game

Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card It was a great book! I actually listened to this as a audio book and enjoyed it thoroughly. I'm not saying it wan amazing, breath taking, heart-stopping book. It was just a great story and had brilliant ideas. I decided to listen to the book, after a bit of nagging and pleading. I'd always thought it as average. I didn't even know what it was about but, being me, I stepped into the world of unknown and ventured.

The story began and it had already had me interested. What was this monitor? What experiment? And so I ventured further, hanging on to every word, letting the words fill the silence, letting the time slip by. The story was quick to understand:Defeat the buggers. Yet, like Ender, I didn't how this was possible. How Ender was supposed to be the one to accomplish this. The thing that surprised me was that Ender was 6 at the beginning. I thought he was around 11 but turns out he was 6 when the story started. His thoughts were so grown up and his actions were nothing of a child.

The book wore on with many events and challenges held at the battle school. Personally, I think Ender should have stayed at home, at the moments when he missed home and Valentine. But then again, I knew he had to defeat the buggers. I liked the small conversion of Colonel Graph;however,I hated the way they talked about Ender. Thy were clever, I have to admit. They did certain things so that Ender would think in a certain way. The stages of how Ender progressed through Battle school were interesting, every time he faced a new challenge that was more difficult than the last.

And then Command School. I liked Command School much better because it didn't seem to drag on that much and his friends were with him-not really but still. The plot twist at the end, when he finds out the simulator is real, was , without a doubt, my favourite part of the story. Also, finding out the buggers, who are actually good was a shock.

I also really enjoyed the side story of Locke and Demosthenes- in fact I REALLY REALLY enjoyed these chapters. I loved how no-one knew that they were children and secretly thy were writing all these articles. One thing I hated is how calm Valentine and Ender were on the raft when they met. I was thinking of how Ender would be so glad and they would tell each other everything and they would laugh but that didn't happen- sadly. My favourite character, is Bean because he reminds me of Ender but the mini version who is a bit more... Beany

All in all, the book was good. The next 11 books in the series re going to be a struggle. I'm looking forward to reading them though and I hope you enjoyed!

A Boy Called Hope

A Boy Called Hope - Lara Williamson Wow. I really liked this book and had been a while since I had read anything other than Dystopian novels. It was a good change after reading Dystopian for a while and it was well above my standards. Looking at the book for the first time in the books store, when it was released, I decided to leave it as the story seemed average. Seeing it again and thinking I should try it, I began to read.

At first, I thought my first impressions had been right after all. It was normal book but as the book went on I wished more and more Dan would meet his Father. I wondered endlessly about how very chance went by and Dan still didn't get to meet his father. After every disappointment, I would just HOPE that he would meet his dad. And that was the sad thing about it all, Malcom, his Dad, dies. It almost made me cry. After all those attempts to catch his dad's attention: the emails, finding his office and sorting his letters out, playing ' Over The Rainbow' and still he never got to meet him: never. I almost felt as sad as Dan but knew it was just a book. Why? I keep asking myself. Why couldn't he just talk to his dad just once and sort everything out? He never got the chance to. The saddest part of the book was the letter he wrote. I was on the brink of tears.

There was another background story going on. When Christopher told Dan he lived with his dad, I kind of guesses that was Big Dave. It was very predictable - well to me anyway. The other little stories going on were good and enjoyable and made the book funny as well as sad.

All in all, It was a great book and I really think that it deserves 5 stars because normally books like this are never that good.

Listening for Lucca

Listening for Lucca - Suzanne LaFleur Wow! This was a great book and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I’d never read anything similar and so I was really intrigued. I had read ‘Love Aubrey’* by the same author and it was really good. I picked up the book from my local library and began to read.

Her obsession with lost things was a great addition to the story and linked in well with Lucca’s lost voice. I always imagined her little brother speaking and he did(at the end). I was more interested in Sarah’s story than Siena’s. My favourite part was when Jenny locked Sarah’s lips with a key so that she couldn't speak. But that wasn't what I liked about it. It was how Siena found the key afterwards ans she could see it unlike Sarah. The story of Sarah was great. Usually, I hate books about the past but this was different. The story didn't drag on but didn't move on too quickly. I liked how it kept switching between Sarah and Siena. It was great that Siena had a friend Sam, someone who didn't think she was weird. Usually in books, the other person just gets freaked out and avoids them. It was different in this case and I really liked that.

Above all, the lady next door was my favourite character. Even though, she played a small part in the story I just felt that it was her who made the book complete. I give this book 5 stars! All in all, the book was great and I would love to read some other books by LaFleur like Eight Keys and I might!

The Death Cure

The Death Cure - James Dashner What Just Happened? Is that really the end to this fantastic, action packed, amazing series? Did this book really just disappoint me? How is this Possible?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I CAN THIS ACTUALLY BE HAPPENING?


Okay, let me explain. Dashner had no idea where the story was going and neither did I. The book lacked everything I expected. It was the worst finale to a series ever.


There is no death cure? In the end the immunes begin a new life in a new world. Why couldn't they have done that in the first place?

Thomas was actually really annoying. In the first two books, he wanted his memory back so badly and then when he finally got the chance he turned it down?

What about Chuck? He was so selfish in this book. He just didn't want to be mistreated. He was only thinking about himself and not his friend Chuck and what he would've wanted????Also, what about the human race? Ever thought about anyone but you?

Also 300 people killed? It's a bit much. There were only 500???? You could have let more survive??

Paige Chancellor was introduced form no-where and was suddenly this great person who saved Thomas form getting his brain removed?

Also, if you really wanted Thomas's brain why ask. You never were nice to him anyway so why give him a choice. Just stab him with a needle. No biggie, considering you put him through torture?

You could've come to terms with WICKED. Maybe if the 'Right Arm' hadn't blown the place down, they would've found a blueprint??

Thomas could've have maybe got his memory back?

Why did Teresa have to die? Was that necessary?

The ending was a bit rushed, to be honest.

The previous two book were great and this book didn't do the series justice.


Newt dies. Dashner made a hard to decision for Thomas and I think this was inserted into the story really well.

SO THE BOOK WAS FAIL. At lest we will receive some answers for ' The Fever Code'. I hope the book will maybe make up for how rubbish Death Cure was.

The Scorch Trials

The Scorch Trials - James Dashner Hi Guys!!!
Having read the Maze Runner ( you can check out my review here:

) I was so excited to see what happened next in the series and I was so happy to find the book reached my expectations and was just so amazing. The action made your heart thump more and the people and characters made you have so many questions and the plot twists glued your eyes to the page. I was really happy with the book. It received 4 stars on my Goodreads page.
I didn't give it 5 because some parts were a bit slow.

Firstly, I really liked the adventure that the Gladers had to go on.
It was thrilling. Finding Teresa, escaping Cranks and reaching THE SAVE HAVEN!

Secondly, the plot was very thought out and I loved it all.
The plot was simple but complex at the same time. They just had to go north but faced many problems along the way. I was intrigued by the Underworld and their escape the murder that Thomas felt so guilty about. The tattoos on them was a great idea. I loved finding out about the groups.

Thirdly, the twist was pretty shocking.
The betrayal of Teresa and Aris got me so confused but in the end it was so Thomas stayed alive. I still think there's something fishy about it all too. WICKED is good was emphasised again in this book but I'm having second thoughts.

Finally, The cliff hanger is forcing me to read Death cure ( the next book in the series.)
Thomas in a white room?The flare is rooted inside them? Brenda telepathically communicating? I thought there were no more tricks or games?

At least the trials have finished.