Living The Booky Life...

Good books to read.

Hey, guys, I have no idea what to write about but I want to keep you guys updated and I want to keep posting blogs.

So, currently I am reading The Amber Spyglass.

It is the third and the last book in His Dark Materials series: so far so good!

Also, I’m writing a book and if you want to read an extract from it, then keep on reading my blogs!

I would love to share my trip to the library with you.

Well, I borrowed about 5 books and I like all of them but the one I really think I will enjoy which is: The Tin Snail.

It’s about a 13-year-old who builds a car. I’m hoping to get started on it tomorrow, but that’s if I have enough time.

Any more books to recommend?

Feel free to share. :)

I have found another great blog: also have to remind you that has posted two new blogs.

I hope you guys will check them out!

Well, that’s it and feel free to share anything about what you are up to or anything.