Living The Booky Life...

Millions of exciting things to do!

I was thinking about the summer holidays which I know are going to be boring so I thought I better plan some things to do.

I thought that it would be great to share some ideas with you guys so you don't get bored stuck at home with nothing to do.

So every day I will post about some things to do and what I will do.

So My first idea is to set a target of how many books you are going to read that summer.

You have to reach that target.

This was a great idea but I don't know what to read so I found this great website:

You don't have to sign up.

However, if you sign up and add books you have read then it will give you recommendations based around those books.

So that's already one thing to do.

My next idea was to go somewhere nice: just for a nice day out. Some suggestions: A theme park, Hollow pond( which is where I went last year) or just somewhere nice that you like. If you want to have a look at my experience at hollow pond, click on this link:

Thirdly, I was thinking of having a project to work on.

It could be about anything you like: history,art,sewing, space or something you enjoy.

You could make a presentation about it and show your friends and family.

Another great idea is to grow a plant.

It could be anything a flower, or something to eat.

check on your plant everyday to keep your self busy.

Start writing a poem or story.

You don't have to publish it.

Keep reading my blogs and follow my blog to  find out what to do in your holidays.