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The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini I have to say this was just an amazing book! It was heartbreaking and wonderful. I don't think any book has made me use as many tissues as I did.

The book begins with two boys, Hassan, and Amir, who are the closest friends ever. Hassan a 'Haraza' is his servant Yet, they are as close as brothers. Amir reads stories to him, plays with him and just has the most fun with his friend.

Soon winter arrives and the annual Kite Challenge is held. Amir, trying to make his father proud, is determined to win. So, with the help of his loyal friend, Hassan, they prepare for the tournament. Putting in all his effort, Amir and Hassan win! But, something happens to Hassan that Amir can never forgive himself for. Something that breaks their friendship. Something that lives on.

Soon, Amir and his father leave the war-torn country, Afghanistan, and begin a new life in America. However, Amir is pulled back to his homeland in order to do something very important.

So, My thoughts on the book...

Firstly, the storyline really touched me. It showed me how cruel people can be, at any age, and how merciless people are. There are bullies in the world and some innocent people in the world. It also showed me how a friendship can grow. I loved the parts where Amir would read Hassan stories. The way Hasan would ask questions. The way they would read each other's minds. I loved Amir's thirst for words.

I hated the way would Amir would tease Hassan. Hassan was my favourite character and I was devastated when he died. It left a few tears in my eyes. Hasan was so loyal and kind. But, I guess that was something about Amir that was portrayed throughout the book: he hated himself for not being perfect. I hated Amir's cowardliness but that's what makes a character a character.

The Kite Challenge was just an amazing idea that I loved about the book. Obviously, what happened afterwards left me heart-broken but you know...

Baba's death was one of the saddest but I kind of knew it was coming. Baba was a good character. I liked his way of thinking though obviously he was had many flaws with his theories. He lied to his son ,sorry sons, his whole life(talking about Amir and Hassan here). I wish he has told them himself.

Then there was Rahim Khan who was like a father to Amir. I liked his way of thinking too: his kindness, his understanding, his generosity. He made everything amazing.

All in all the book was great and made me cry at points. I would definitely recommend to everyone!

'For you, A thousand times over.'