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Itch Rocks

Itch Rocks - Simon Mayo This book was great,actioned packed and full of baddies. Itch goes on yet another dangerous mission and this is is all the more exciting. With so many characters introduced and ideas brought in, I knew that the book would be even better than the last(which I really enjoyed!)

The plot is simple: Make sure the location of element 126 is not revealed. However, this is not as easy as it seems. Itch is told that he was saved by his Dad! Then he realizes Jack and Watkins knowing about where he hid the rocks(which was a bit annoying really!) Now that more people know the secret, the harder it is too keep it.

Itch becomes interested in a collection of elements collected by Mary's Dad. Itch tells Mary about the radioactive rock and gives a few hints away. Lucy stamps on Jack's hand during a sporty match and soon enough Lucy get's hurt whilst cycling on the way to school by a unknown figure and the mystery deepens!

Mary is Shivvi. I din't see that one coming! Shivvi kidnaps Itch and Jack and the are forced tp give the location of the rocks. Flowerdew also founds out and the competition begins.

With Shivvi dead and Flowerdew rich with money from the rocks Itch next adventure is getting them back....