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The Cloud Hunters

The Cloud Hunters - Alex Shearer I picked up this book,read the blurb, read the author's name and began to read.

It started off as a slow story. He wants to be a cloud hunter. Then, new ideas are introduced like scary monsters which are so dangerous everyone has to stay inside. I liked the idea of the book. Everything was based on air. It was like this world but all in the sky. There were sky-fish and you could air swim. Water was rare and cloud hunters collected them. Island floated in the sky. It was hard to imagine but I really liked the idea.

The cloud hunters tradition of getting scars down their faces was something new and mysterious about the world. Though I didn't want Christian to get them or anyone else, they were a great addition to the story. The part about how they slit their scars made me think of the Cloud-Hunters as cruel but I knew it was just tradition. Just like many others.

I couldn't wait for Chris' adventures of Cloud-Hunting to begin. When He finally persuades Jenine, his friend, to let him come, I was wondering how it would all go? At first, I thought his mum would never let him go but...

His first journey was great to read about. Though it was short we learn more about the characters and Cloud-Hunting. The race to get the clouds was great and I never thought there would be a second journey...

The second voyage was by far the best thing in the book. The apprehensiveness created and the escape was all so thrilling. Defeating the BARBAROONS, and escaping narrowly was the first part where the book began to get interesting. Then the plan to rescue Jenine's father was my favourite.

My favourite character was Jenine. She was an interesting Character and made the story even better than I thought'd it had been. All in all, the book was great and I think I'll enjoy the series!