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The Killables

The Killables - Gemma Malley This Book was actually pretty decent. I mean, when I picked it up I didn't really have high hopes but turns out the story line and the characters and the plots and mysteries were all so gripping. I had seen someone reading this book before and thought: why not try it? Turns out, I was in for a whole lot more than I expected.

Starting off, with an unkind mother and strange dreams, I was beginning to think that this book could turn out pretty good. And then, as the book wore on so many questions were answered. Lucas wasn't a machine: WOW! Shock and a half. I do think the escape was a bit rushed but in all, it was a great plot. I loved how Malley planted so many mysteries in your head so that you would carry on reading, searching for an answer. I almost felt as if I were Evie.

My first impressions of the City were not great(turn out, I'm right). I don't get how anyone could be that good and Evie's determination to be good kinda annoyed me. I was suspicious about the City because they just seem so evil. I loved the ideas of Labelling(reminded me of another great book!)

The last part seemed all too easy. The way Linus somehow persuaded everyone he was right and that the Police guards didn't shoot? I mean is that even possible? The City was defeated so easily even though they had found out about Lucas??

All in all, a great story and can't wait to read the rest of the story!!