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The Death Cure

The Death Cure - James Dashner What Just Happened? Is that really the end to this fantastic, action packed, amazing series? Did this book really just disappoint me? How is this Possible?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I CAN THIS ACTUALLY BE HAPPENING?


Okay, let me explain. Dashner had no idea where the story was going and neither did I. The book lacked everything I expected. It was the worst finale to a series ever.


There is no death cure? In the end the immunes begin a new life in a new world. Why couldn't they have done that in the first place?

Thomas was actually really annoying. In the first two books, he wanted his memory back so badly and then when he finally got the chance he turned it down?

What about Chuck? He was so selfish in this book. He just didn't want to be mistreated. He was only thinking about himself and not his friend Chuck and what he would've wanted????Also, what about the human race? Ever thought about anyone but you?

Also 300 people killed? It's a bit much. There were only 500???? You could have let more survive??

Paige Chancellor was introduced form no-where and was suddenly this great person who saved Thomas form getting his brain removed?

Also, if you really wanted Thomas's brain why ask. You never were nice to him anyway so why give him a choice. Just stab him with a needle. No biggie, considering you put him through torture?

You could've come to terms with WICKED. Maybe if the 'Right Arm' hadn't blown the place down, they would've found a blueprint??

Thomas could've have maybe got his memory back?

Why did Teresa have to die? Was that necessary?

The ending was a bit rushed, to be honest.

The previous two book were great and this book didn't do the series justice.


Newt dies. Dashner made a hard to decision for Thomas and I think this was inserted into the story really well.

SO THE BOOK WAS FAIL. At lest we will receive some answers for ' The Fever Code'. I hope the book will maybe make up for how rubbish Death Cure was.