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The Scorch Trials

The Scorch Trials - James Dashner Hi Guys!!!
Having read the Maze Runner ( you can check out my review here:

) I was so excited to see what happened next in the series and I was so happy to find the book reached my expectations and was just so amazing. The action made your heart thump more and the people and characters made you have so many questions and the plot twists glued your eyes to the page. I was really happy with the book. It received 4 stars on my Goodreads page.
I didn't give it 5 because some parts were a bit slow.

Firstly, I really liked the adventure that the Gladers had to go on.
It was thrilling. Finding Teresa, escaping Cranks and reaching THE SAVE HAVEN!

Secondly, the plot was very thought out and I loved it all.
The plot was simple but complex at the same time. They just had to go north but faced many problems along the way. I was intrigued by the Underworld and their escape the murder that Thomas felt so guilty about. The tattoos on them was a great idea. I loved finding out about the groups.

Thirdly, the twist was pretty shocking.
The betrayal of Teresa and Aris got me so confused but in the end it was so Thomas stayed alive. I still think there's something fishy about it all too. WICKED is good was emphasised again in this book but I'm having second thoughts.

Finally, The cliff hanger is forcing me to read Death cure ( the next book in the series.)
Thomas in a white room?The flare is rooted inside them? Brenda telepathically communicating? I thought there were no more tricks or games?

At least the trials have finished.