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Wishing for Tomorrow: The Sequel to A Little Princess

Wishing for Tomorrow: The Sequel to A Little Princess - Hilary McKay What a letdown. I just think it was a bit of a disappointment as Sarah is not the main character. You don't to get know about what happens to Sarah and Becky and also the events that happen in the school with just the girls are pretty boring as they are just everyday things and constant letter writing was a bit annoying because you just wanted the story carry on and it just stretching the book out a little bit. The only letters that I looked forward to were Sarah's, but hers were so short and Emengrade's seemed to last forever. You kind of wanted it the other way round and it seemed like Sarah didn't really care about the girls anymore, but she was too polite to show it. Also, it was kinda hard to get through and the only thing keeping me going was thinking it's going to get better. It clearly didn't.In my opinion, the first book was better and it was a shock that Miss Minchin dies. I know it's nice that a book has a happy ending, but it was a little too happy and I think that Frances Hodgson Burnett(the original writer) wouldn't have let that happen. It's a shame that Mckay made it too happy. But then she also kind of twisted it with making it seem like Emengrade's fault so I guess that maybe piped it down a little bit. If this was not the sequel to 'little princess' then I would have never thought of reading this book and even if I did I wouldn't even think of finishing it. The story was so long and slow and uneventful. I thought this book was going to be about Sarah nd her adventures and her experiences with her dad and Becky in India. but instead, it was about the school and Emengrade and her interests and life. In conclusion, this book didn't do 'A Little Princess' justice.