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A Boy Called Hope

A Boy Called Hope - Lara Williamson Wow. I really liked this book and had been a while since I had read anything other than Dystopian novels. It was a good change after reading Dystopian for a while and it was well above my standards. Looking at the book for the first time in the books store, when it was released, I decided to leave it as the story seemed average. Seeing it again and thinking I should try it, I began to read.

At first, I thought my first impressions had been right after all. It was normal book but as the book went on I wished more and more Dan would meet his Father. I wondered endlessly about how very chance went by and Dan still didn't get to meet his father. After every disappointment, I would just HOPE that he would meet his dad. And that was the sad thing about it all, Malcom, his Dad, dies. It almost made me cry. After all those attempts to catch his dad's attention: the emails, finding his office and sorting his letters out, playing ' Over The Rainbow' and still he never got to meet him: never. I almost felt as sad as Dan but knew it was just a book. Why? I keep asking myself. Why couldn't he just talk to his dad just once and sort everything out? He never got the chance to. The saddest part of the book was the letter he wrote. I was on the brink of tears.

There was another background story going on. When Christopher told Dan he lived with his dad, I kind of guesses that was Big Dave. It was very predictable - well to me anyway. The other little stories going on were good and enjoyable and made the book funny as well as sad.

All in all, It was a great book and I really think that it deserves 5 stars because normally books like this are never that good.