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Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire - Derek Landy HMMMM- IT WAS GOOD: BETTER THAN THE LAST. Okay, so it wasn't amazing. I mean I've seen better. Maybe it's because I have such high expectations for the book, or it's written so simply. It kind of annoys me how EASY it is to read. I like books like that but this is just too easy. I keep on hoping that the books are going to get better but the chances are not high. I've got to give the book some credit because I managed to get through it without skipping passages or feeling bored. In my opinion, there was just tooo much action for my likings. There was no calm moments where Valkyrie(Stephanie) was just at ease and thinking. Okay, so there was the occasional moments, like at the family reunion, when there wasn't much action but even that soon turned into a total disaster. Also, the mysteries are so predictable. I kinda already guesses that Valkyrie was needed for reasons other that getting through to Skulduggery. The plot was obvious and simple but good in general, I guess.